welcome to this our blog!  “el pullover azul” is written by two sisters to share with you inspiration, colors and ideas. we hope that this space will become a tiny cozy place for you and enjoy our work and also our stories.

so let´s start from the beginning: my name is sandra and i was born in the big city of madrid, but for some reason, i ended leaving in finland. my sister, elena, lives in madrid. one of the things that i missed the most was to share ideas and projects with her. many of them did not come true (yet). so we decided that even though we did not share the room any more we could still follow our little dreams. and this is “el pullover azul”.

the name of “el pullover azul” is inspired by a short story of julio cortazar (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julio_Cortázar). The title of the story is “dont blame anybody” and since i read it, i say “oh no, the blue sweater” every time that i get trapped in my sweater when i get dressed or remove my clothes. my sister used to laugh but now we both are trapped in “el pullover azul”…..