…and to finish my week I want to say Hello!

In Madrid, Sunday mornings are days of street market… ‘El Rastro’, an incredible number of sellers everywhere you see… and I want to tell that I visit every street market wherever I go… I love to discover little treasures to inspirate me or to give as a present… In my travels, I like to send the most extrange, funny and kitsch postcards that I find in these lovely street markets to my family and friends… and my funny sister fights back with some really……. indescribable postcards… I Love this game!

There something that I love in this kind of markets… You could find anything… clothes, furniture, jewelry… for incredible prices! I remember especially one market in Helsinki, I found a really cool ‘pullover azul’ for ONLY 0,50 € and now it´s the best model in some pictures of our projects!!

Because of this love for street markets, we decide to open our personal street market online… it´s open 24 hours and everyday… You are invited to enter in ‘el pullover azul’!!!