the situation is this: you are walking a street and you see a house. because it is late evening, lights in the house are on and windows has no blinds. do you look inside?

this was the question that i made to one of my friends. she said immediately ‘yes’. i would do it too. but we had two different reasons to look at the inside of the house. She would be curious about the people living in the house, what they were doing at that moment. i wouldnt want to see anybody. too embarrassing situation to stare a person in her/his own house. me an stranger passing by.

i love looking through an illuminated window. the space, the decoration, the distribution. that tells about the people living there without knowing them. an small insight to their lives. i can just imagine how it would be living there. living other life. for that instant that i look inside the house, i have the feeling to be in front a big doll house where the life is how i have always dreamed and everything is just possible.