i can´t avoid to look up when i am in this square. it always comes into my mind some frames from arrebato, an spanish movie from the 80´s.

this place has more than that. cinemas and a bookshop specialized in movies, coffee places and nice restaurants. many weekends, i spent here my evenings with friends, and also many afternoons, just by myself, a good movie with coffee.

yesterday, i was with my sister. we visited some shops. one was trapo y tela, where we bought some fabrics and yarns. and a thimble for my hurt finger. i will need that tomorrow (more about this later…).

we had a walk to the city after drinking some cool (it is not extremely hot but still too much for me).

I wanted to buy some movies in fnac, but i couldn´t find anything. but i bought some books. One was a big surprise, “corrección de pruebas en alta provenza” of julio cortázar. it will be my next reading. then, two penguins with the old colorful edition: “a room of one´s own” of virginia woolf and “the case-book of sherlock holmes” of sir arthur conan doyle. and a cook book.

today we will have some shopping also…by now, some reading and knitting with my favorite radio station in the background.