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Finally, one morning at the end of June …it is hot! It is the first day that i feel the summer, so it seems that the winter or that weird spring is over.

Our pullover azul is comfortable in the cold days, but in summer…uf! any minimum cloth is too much-

Changes in the garderobe, inside and outside the house. I can feel the brice of the sea or country side or other country.

Change in the atmosphere. Change of season. Change of direction. Multiple changes. But always be you. keep your blue essence.

Una mañana de finales junio. Por fin… calor! El primer día que siento el verano y parece que nos deja de una vez el invierno, o esta rara primavera.

Nuestro pullover azul puede ser muy confortable en los días fríos, pero cuando llega el calor… Uf! Sobra el pullover y cualquier mínimo exceso de ropa.

Cambio de armario, dentro y fuera de casa. Y casi noto el olor a playa o a campo o a otro país.

Cambio de ambiente. Cambio de estación. Cambio de rumbo. Cambios contantes. Pero a pesar de todo, no cambies nunca. Conserva tu esencia azul.

zapas moradas



i woke up this morning early because of a sudden cold wind. the sound of green waves, grey clouds passing by, making a gathering in the sky. warm tea thinking about the feeling of wearing a sweater in summer. the northern summer. full of small melancholic moments which make me feel alive.

holga SLC027 22-31-03


unos vienen y otros se van… migraciones buscando un verano que puede que no llegue… no sólo las aves vienen y van, también las personas! Pasan por tu vida y migran hacia la vida de otros… pero una parte siempre se queda aquí!

Por muy lejos que os vayáis, he resevado un pequeño recoveco… por si volvéis!

birds come and go away….looking for a summer that maybe will not arrive…not only birds move away and back, also people! they pass through your life and go to others´lives….but a part of them stay always within you!

However, even you go far away, i have reserved a small spot…in case you are back!

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sunday afternoon. fresh rain, green tea, blue crochet. piano music moves to the beat of the drops on the leaves. the black cat walks outside under the trees. its yellow eyes look at me. i look at them. some flowers from the lilacs fall on the grass. a moment of happiness.



I know for many of us is not winter. and for others, even the summer comes slowly (at least in the south of europe…not in finland), these mittens are not needed right now, however, i recently learn how to knit with the nålbinding technique and i could not resist to make this pair.

Nålbinding or knotless knitting or single needle knitting is a very old knitting technique, which involves passing the full length of the thread through each loop with a needle. The lengths of threat must be pieced together during the process. It is a very laborious work, it takes hours to make a pair of mittens. but the pattern is so unique. I love it!

Hopefully you love them too and you buy them thinking that the winter will come…

Nålbinding violet/pink mittens in Etsy





Hi all,

It is a very nice sunday afternoon here in Finland. We are enjoying of a bit of sun, music and the house today, and i decided to finish my yellow slippers. Some weeks ago, i started them, i wasnt sure about the color. Yellow is not specially my color, but when i saw them with the red touch i thought “why not?”.

hope you all have a nice sunday!



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