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En la vida te puedes encontrar con momentos u objetos curiosos. Una de esas curiosidades es mi máquina de coser de mano. Parece un artefacto de otro siglo (sí, claro, el siglo pasado) e inútil, pero lo cierto es que funciona asombrosamente bien. Es sencilla, y la unión perfecta entre lo vintage, la costura y lo extravagante.


No se puede coser un vestido entero con ella, pero sí cositas pequeñas sentada en el sofá frente a una buena película… Aunque me gustar mucho coser, no se me da tan bien coser a mano como con mi máquina eléctrica. Y mi pequeña amiga es una gran aliada… Se puede venir de viaje conmigo o quedarse en casa decorando mi espacio de trabajo.



Sewing curious

In life you can find curios moments or objects.  One of those curiosities is my hand sewing machine. It seems an artifact from another century (yes, of course, the last century) and useless, but the truth is that it works amazingly well. It is simple, and the perfect union between vintage, sewing and extravagant.

You can not sew a whole dress with it, but you can do little projects sitting on the sofa in front of a good movie… Although I like much sewing, I can’t hand sewing as well as with my electric machine. And my little friend is a great ally… It can come travel with me or stay home decorating my workspace.



Una transformación de la que me enorgullezco es este pequeño mueble de aspecto antiguo. Todo lo viejo puede renacer y convertirse en algo totalmente renovado con larga vida por delante, pero manteniendo ese encanto que le caracteriza. Como las personas. Evolucionan y se convierten en otras distintas que añaden con los años capas de pintura, renovándose y surgiendo un aspecto nuevo por dentro o por fuera. Así me siento yo cuando aparece otra nueva capa, renovada, diferente, pero siendo yo misma con mi pasado a las espaldas.


A transformation of which I am proud is this little antique look furniture. Everything old can be reborn into something entirely renovated with long life ahead, but keeping the charm that characterizes him. As people. Evolve and become other than adding the years of paint layers, renewing and emerging a new look inside and outside. In the same way I feel renewed and different when another new layer appears, but being myself with my back to the past.


yes, because one year ago i was in melbourne and now i miss that city. i didnt have much chance to explore other places in the country, however, i keep a great memory of that travel. quiet, amazing nature, nice people, good food and great shops…and of course it was the best opportunity for me to increase the collection of fabrics for el pullover azul. probably those ladies in one of those shops still remember me running up and down talking and buying all those wonderful fabrics. after that i went for some tourism with a huge bag and a big smile…but what to do? one is not everyday in australia.

There is a new handbag in our etsy shop made with one of those fabrics:




Finally, one morning at the end of June …it is hot! It is the first day that i feel the summer, so it seems that the winter or that weird spring is over.

Our pullover azul is comfortable in the cold days, but in summer…uf! any minimum cloth is too much-

Changes in the garderobe, inside and outside the house. I can feel the brice of the sea or country side or other country.

Change in the atmosphere. Change of season. Change of direction. Multiple changes. But always be you. keep your blue essence.

Una mañana de finales junio. Por fin… calor! El primer día que siento el verano y parece que nos deja de una vez el invierno, o esta rara primavera.

Nuestro pullover azul puede ser muy confortable en los días fríos, pero cuando llega el calor… Uf! Sobra el pullover y cualquier mínimo exceso de ropa.

Cambio de armario, dentro y fuera de casa. Y casi noto el olor a playa o a campo o a otro país.

Cambio de ambiente. Cambio de estación. Cambio de rumbo. Cambios contantes. Pero a pesar de todo, no cambies nunca. Conserva tu esencia azul.

zapas moradas


i woke up this morning early because of a sudden cold wind. the sound of green waves, grey clouds passing by, making a gathering in the sky. warm tea thinking about the feeling of wearing a sweater in summer. the northern summer. full of small melancholic moments which make me feel alive.

holga SLC027 22-31-03


unos vienen y otros se van… migraciones buscando un verano que puede que no llegue… no sólo las aves vienen y van, también las personas! Pasan por tu vida y migran hacia la vida de otros… pero una parte siempre se queda aquí!

Por muy lejos que os vayáis, he resevado un pequeño recoveco… por si volvéis!

birds come and go away….looking for a summer that maybe will not arrive…not only birds move away and back, also people! they pass through your life and go to others´lives….but a part of them stay always within you!

However, even you go far away, i have reserved a small spot…in case you are back!

El pullover azul in Etsy



I know for many of us is not winter. and for others, even the summer comes slowly (at least in the south of europe…not in finland), these mittens are not needed right now, however, i recently learn how to knit with the nålbinding technique and i could not resist to make this pair.

Nålbinding or knotless knitting or single needle knitting is a very old knitting technique, which involves passing the full length of the thread through each loop with a needle. The lengths of threat must be pieced together during the process. It is a very laborious work, it takes hours to make a pair of mittens. but the pattern is so unique. I love it!

Hopefully you love them too and you buy them thinking that the winter will come…

Nålbinding violet/pink mittens in Etsy





Hi all,

It is a very nice sunday afternoon here in Finland. We are enjoying of a bit of sun, music and the house today, and i decided to finish my yellow slippers. Some weeks ago, i started them, i wasnt sure about the color. Yellow is not specially my color, but when i saw them with the red touch i thought “why not?”.

hope you all have a nice sunday!



…my sister. the colors of these mittens will give you energy for busy days and keep you warm in cold days. besos!*


I´m scanning a film taken in my way home/work during the Autumn. This was a very beautiful morning, the sun burned the last leaves of the trees with its cold rays.


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