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En la vida te puedes encontrar con momentos u objetos curiosos. Una de esas curiosidades es mi máquina de coser de mano. Parece un artefacto de otro siglo (sí, claro, el siglo pasado) e inútil, pero lo cierto es que funciona asombrosamente bien. Es sencilla, y la unión perfecta entre lo vintage, la costura y lo extravagante.


No se puede coser un vestido entero con ella, pero sí cositas pequeñas sentada en el sofá frente a una buena película… Aunque me gustar mucho coser, no se me da tan bien coser a mano como con mi máquina eléctrica. Y mi pequeña amiga es una gran aliada… Se puede venir de viaje conmigo o quedarse en casa decorando mi espacio de trabajo.



Sewing curious

In life you can find curios moments or objects.  One of those curiosities is my hand sewing machine. It seems an artifact from another century (yes, of course, the last century) and useless, but the truth is that it works amazingly well. It is simple, and the perfect union between vintage, sewing and extravagant.

You can not sew a whole dress with it, but you can do little projects sitting on the sofa in front of a good movie… Although I like much sewing, I can’t hand sewing as well as with my electric machine. And my little friend is a great ally… It can come travel with me or stay home decorating my workspace.



one day i had a great idea, to buy a sewing-machine… and it was one of the best decision that i would take in my life… because since that day, more than two years ago, i couldn´t stop to sew with it and i don´t what to do without it… here i introduce her to all of you! my little girl!


PD. I know that I promised to write in english… but sometimes I´ll write a little in spanish… No lo puedo evitar!! Sorry!

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